Newcastle is one of the most affordable cities in Australia for student accommodation. Whether you’re looking to live close to the Newcastle CBD, on campus at Student Living at the Callaghan Campus or with an Australian homestay family, the College of International Education can help you find the perfect place to live while you study with us.

On Campus Accommodation

Student Living, located at the Callaghan Campus, is the University of Newcastle’s award winning on-campus accommodation. At Student Living you will be able to experience a vibrant, multicultural student community and create life-long experiences and friendships in a convenient and safe environment.

Student Living was awarded the Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association Award for
Housing Operator of the Year in 2017 and Excellence in Student Experience in 2016!

Students can choose from a range of residences, including private or shared rooms/facilities (bathroom, dining and cooking), and catered, semi-catered or self-catered options, with prices starting from AU$191 per week.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Looking for a place to live in a new country can be confusing and intimidating, which is why the College of International Education can help you organise off campus accommodation to suit your specific needs.

Rooms close to the main campus at Callaghan are available from AU$100 per week and rooms in the Central Business District, where the new College is located, are approximately AU$180 per week.

For more information about off campus accommodation and to search available listings, you can check the University of Newcastle Off Campus Accommodation website or contact the Student Experience Team.


If you like the idea of living with a local family, improve your English skills, and immerse yourself into the Australian lifestyle, then Homestay accommodation might be the best option for you!

At a homestay, you will live in a friendly local environment while studying at the College and improving your language skills. Host families are carefully screened, and they are looking forward to welcoming you into their home!

The Homestay Program has been providing Homestay services for international students since 1998!

The minimum homestay period for students 18 years or over is four weeks, and longer periods may be negotiated with the host family following the completion of the initial four weeks.

For more information about the Homestay program, please contact the Student Experience Team.

Under 18

International students under the age of 18 years are required to seek approval for their accommodation and welfare arrangements before entering Australia, unless they are under the care of a parent or nominated relative.

The College will arrange university approved Homestay accommodation for students under the age of 18, which will commence on the day of your arrival in Australia and end upon the student turning 18 years of age.

If you wish to make any changes to your accommodation or welfare arrangements before the age of 18, you must seek the approval of the College. Please contact the Student Experience Team for advice.

For more information about under 18 students, please click here.