The University of Newcastle College of International Education is proud to offer our students some of the most generous scholarships available in Australia.

University of Newcastle College of International Education Scholarships

CIE Program Scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships towards the cost of our program tuition fees. These normally represent 10-20% of the total program fee. Our scholarships are awarded automatically and do not require a separate application. The exact amount awarded will depend on an applicant’s particular background, for example, the grades achieved in high school.

Kaplan Family Bursary

Students with a sibling who also enrols with The University of Newcastle College of International Education will be eligible for the Kaplan Family Bursary. The bursary provides 10% off the tuition fee of the second sibling to accept the offer and commence studies.

Progression Scholarships*

ASEAN, South Asia & Onshore Excellence Scholarship

University of Newcastle College of International Education students from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are now eligible for the Excellence Scholarship once they complete their CIE program and progress to their chosen degree at the University. The scholarship provides a fee reduction of $10,000 per year – that’s worth up to A$50,000! Students from any nationality who apply for a packaged offer while onshore in Australia and remain onshore when they progress to the degree will be eligible for the Onshore Excellence Scholarship.

In order to be eligible, Foundation Studies students entering Year 1 of a Bachelor degree need to achieve an average mark of 67%. Students progressing to a degree from Degree Transfer, Degree Transfer Extended or Pre-Master’s will achieve the scholarship simply by completing the CIE program.

Rest of World Scholarship

Students who are not eligible for the ASEAN, South Asia or Onshore Scholarships will be eligible for a 10% per year fee reduction for each remaining year of study at the University – currently worth up to $17,565!

*Progression Scholarships are not applicable for Health Science programs with an international student quota.